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We offer flexible payment options to make your dental journey as convenient as possible. You can choose to make your payment in cash or by card (Visa or Mastercard) directly at our clinic. Currently, we have a special opening discount in place to make your treatment even more accessible.

For cash payments, we offer a 20% discount, while card payments come with a 15% discount. Please note that if you opt for payment by Credit or Debit card, there may be additional charges imposed by your local bank. To avoid any surprises, we recommend contacting your bank in advance, informing them of the expected amount, and confirming the associated charges for card usage in Turkey.

We accept all Visa and Mastercard cards, excluding American Express. For card payments, it's important to have the physical card present at our clinic; we do not accept payment via Apple Pay or any other mobile applications.

Regarding currencies, our clinic accepts British Pounds Sterling issued by the Bank of England (please note that Scottish Pounds, Irish Pounds, Jersey Pounds, Guernsey Pounds, Isle of Man Pounds, and Northern Ireland Pounds are not accepted). Additionally, we accept Euros and USD (United States Dollars). If you prefer to pay in an alternative currency, kindly request written authorization before your arrival to ensure a seamless payment process. We strive to accommodate your preferences and make your experience with us as smooth as possible.

What payment options do you offer?

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